Any Game Starting with Z

a double abecedarian

blank drab
day. The kid
emits moans grunts an occasional whine
flails on the bed then falls off
grounded feeling
holed up with-
in this ennui.
Jailed in striped PJs
knee deep stuck
longing lacking all
meaning sucked from the room
nothing-to-do-ness raining down like a monsoon.
Oh cruel world! Too
pointless to want for more seconds pile up
quietly in a queue
restlessness grows by the hour
spreads settles
travels tight
up the walls like kudzu
vining. Hovers above like geese in a V
waiting wanting to break free. Meanwhile in the corner the not so new
yawns sputters chokes on its own dust imploring the kid to play something anything. Play
Zombie Apocalypse. Play Zombie Pinball. Play Zombie Death Drive. A plea: Play any game starting with Z.