“The Motions of the Dipping Birds” — forthcoming in Door is a Jar, Winter 2023
“the door of winter opening” — forthcoming in Door is a Jar, Winter 2023
“The Birds Have Come Back” — forthcoming in Door is a Jar, Winter 2023
Delighted” — jmww, May 2023
Doubtful” — jmww, May 2023
The Swans” — Tiny Wren Lit, April 2023
Lonely” — The Account, Fall 2022 — Best of the Net Nominee
Bewildered” — The Account, Fall 2022
In Too Bright Light” — Longleaf Review, Summer 2022
What Can You Say” — Longleaf Review, Summer 2022
Learn to Speak” — Longleaf Review, Summer 2022
There is a limit” — Hearth & Coffin, Spring 2022
How to Float” — Silver Birch Press, March 2021
When Seen Straight” — Poemeleon, March 2020
My Peripheral Sight Stays” — Poemeleon, March 2020



Breathing Rhythms, 3/2


Breathing Rhythms, 5

Every Five

Mood Rings

Mood Rings

The poem, “Lonely” is a Best of the Net Nominee and the collection, Mood Rings is a Sundress Publications’ 2023 E-Chapbook Contest Finalist.

Snellen Charts

when i cannot see straight i will see sideways
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Mississippi River Gorge poem brochure


You Must Change Your Life
How to Be When You Cannot See
River Running