a Mississippi Gorge haibun

10,000 years ago melting glaciers deposited 2
boulders and here they sit, unmoved by progress.
On top of one, 4 stacked stones mark the trail or
the moment. Beyond, the path descends through
a tunnel of trees to a spot, perched above river and
forest, below bike path and parkway, where 2
fences and 2 retaining walls establish boundaries.
Natural | Wild | Managed | Civilized. 4 lines drawn.
Soon crossed. Already paving stones shift, walls
spill soil, asphalt buckles. Downstream split rails
turn green from staghorn sumac vining between
posts. Wrought iron once secure in concrete pops
its bolts and relents to roots regaining territory. And
chain link forfeits its galvanized steel to bark as
trunks engulf and bind themselves to wire.

Be quiet, listen.
You can hear the plants slowly
reclaiming the gorge.