Running Feet

In my February 25th running log entry, I wrote: With less than a mile left to run, I started chanting a rhythm in my head: 123/45, 123/45, 123/45, 321 then 54/321, 54/321, 54/321, 321. How would these beats work in a poem?

Here’s what I have so far:

0 degrees/feels like -11

Up from the gorge floor
Down from the gray sky
Under a jacket
Cold sharp air

Suddenly shocking
jolting those deadened
deeply distracted
dazed and dumb

Sober up quickly!
Sharpen your senses!
Notice the river!
Smell! Hear! See!

Frosted heavy sky
Hard path muffled steps
Trees sing lullabies
Go to sleep.

Not quick only slow
Dense thick covering
All thoughts frozen, stopped
Shhhhh. Hush. Dream.

Sink deep settle in
Dull numb blanketed
Wrapped in frigid air