Snellen Charts: Alt-text

i do not care

I do not care where or when it first begins but I fear how it ends
in isolation

Section One: Diagnosis

I am in a blue chair

I am in a blue chair silent waiting watching as the drs computer keys click


Click click click click click click click click click click click click.


The doctor believes that within five years my central vision will be gone

my peripheral sight stays

My peripheral sight stays – when i cannot see straight i will see sideways

Section Two: What I Can Rarely See


Measure numbers
Sight gags
Mold on food
Cardinals in Trees

eye rolls

Eye rolls
Head nods
Shoulder shrugs
Smiles on backlit faces
Orange buoys

Section Three: What I Can Rarely Read

Cursive Handwriting

Cursive handwriting
House numbers
Street signs
Book covers

Section Four: What I Can Rarely Do

Make Eye Contact

Make eye contact
Fill up a cup without spilling
Track a cursor
Drive my car

Recognize people

Recognize people
Catch a ball
Focus fast
Read quickly
Use hedge clippers


Colors are Wrong

Colors are wrong yellow looks pink green turns into gold and red vanishes

Sometimes An Image

Sometimes an image is a cluster of dots like standing too close to a Seurat

An Abundance of Objects

An abundance of objects overwhelms as chaotic cones and brain try to talk

Fast Flying words

Fast flying words images cars people products
the speed of life exhausts

When Seen Straight

When seen straight truth often does not dazzle or delight but disappears

In Too Bright Light

In too bright light pupils become soulless black balls
no I behind the eye

What Can You Say

What can you say to someone that might make sense?
I only see your absence?



Dont panic
Never doubt yourself
Line up buoys
Trust straight strokes

Relinquish Control

Relinquish control
Embrace the discomfort of never knowing everything

Learn to SPEAK

Learn to speak into the darkness and imagine the audience you most desire