1. February Snow Sounds, audio

Recorded February 2, 2018
Recorded February 20, 2018
Recorded February 28, 2018

2. Crunching Snow, acrostic

A constant crunch
U nderfoot.
T wo versions—one fast
O ne slow one
N ever stopping, steadily crushing ice crystals
O ne
M aking quick forceful snaps
O ne soft one loud both
U nrelenting in their
S oundtrack,
S inking deep into my
E ars. These
N oises do
S omething that
O pens me up makes me
R attle vibrate
Y ield to the sensation
M ove in closer
E arnest attentive
R eaching for words to capture the
I s of this musical moment cars
D rive by as
A ttempt to classify the
N oise—somewhat like static but not white noise
R adiating a constant crackling
E nergy that
S izzles on the
P ath
O utside of this moment, it might be just
N oise, but inside it the
S ound of crunching snow is
E verything.

3. dustings, ghazal

Never all at once, first it’s bare—a dusting
an inch here, half an inch there—dustings.

It happens in the middle of the night
then you wake up to white everywhere—a dusting.

Just enough to make the running path dangerous
hiding the ice that’s glare—a dusting.

Weekly inches adding up to feet steadily
crystals congregating in cold air—a dusting.

Soon molehills become mountains, blankets banks
snow comes daily without fanfare—a dusting.

These flakes never shout, “Winter is here!”
always quietly they declare, “a dusting.”

Day after day after day after month
so boring so constantly there—a dusting.

Minneapolis—why no grand celebration
no big party? So many small affairs—dustings.

4. A Short Story of Fallen Snow, homage

after Alice Oswald

It is the story of the fallen snow
to turn sharp and slick and force us to slow

it is the wonder of a winter storm
to start out as snowflakes but soon change form

from tiny puffed up pillows that cover the path
to crystals compressed, their size reduced by half

or to a smooth shining surface polished like glass
hidden in plain sight near the edge by the grass

if only you while heading to the river could make
the moment go numb and freeze like a snowflake

to absorb every sound in a blanket of air
releasing when pressed a kind of noisy prayer

then you might learn like snow how to balance
the light of attention against the weight of silence

snow which when cold is so brittle so strong
cracking and crunching a sharp steady song

compacted by cold, yielding to feet
compelling a pause to listen to it creak

which is the story of the fallen snow
whose changing forms makes us slow.

5. What a Snow!, concrete

6. The Biomechanics of a Step Amplified, contrapuntal